Unique product adopted by the Euroapotheca

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Unique product adopted by the Euroapotheca

Gytė and Darius Česnuliai have created a unique and innovative hair care line "HairTwo, based on a wide range of bioactive, natural ingredients, without any conventional or harmful chemical elements.

Just a week ago, these products were also added to the Euroapotheca online range, so it's time to get to know Gyte, one of the founders of this hair line, and talk about the product's development, composition, purpose and efforts to get people interested in taking good care of their beauty and the environment.

- Together with your husband, you created the HairTwo hair care line. How was the idea born?

- You could say that the "road" to this idea was through my personal experience. All my life I had sensitive skin, weak hair and, to be honest, I thought it was normal. However, when I was pregnant with my daughter Ula, these problems became more acute - my hair started to fall out and I developed eczema.

It was very uncomfortable and when my family started saying that this was not normal, I decided to seek help. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful: neither the specialists nor the various remedies helped me - I felt very lonely about my problem.

The only thing that was clear was that products with chemical elements, especially sulphates, triethanolamine (TEA) and diethanolamine (DEA), were not suitable for me, as they caused all kinds of allergic reactions. That's when I came up with the idea of trying to create a product that suited me from natural ingredients.

I needed to save myself, but I also thought about others: if I have this problem, other people probably have it too. That's how it all started. My husband also motivated me by telling me that pregnancy is a great time for ideas.

- How long did it take and how did you find that magic formula?

- In my life, I believe that everyone has to do their own work, so I didn't even try to create the formula myself - it was created by a professional French laboratory. But of course, it took time to find this laboratory and to develop and test the various parts of the product itself. And that was hampered by the global pandemic and the quarantine that was imposed because of it!

There were all sorts of things - even comically sad situations. For example, once the scent of a product had been matched, there was only one step to test how it reacted to the product formula: whether the scent stayed the same, whether it did not change the product itself, etc. Quarantine started and our odour samples were 'stuck' at the border... Or, after searching for the right dispensers for the bottles for a long time and finally finding them, we had to stop again because... it turned out that the world was facing a dispenser shortage! They were just snatched up in our pantry because of the huge demand for disinfectant liquid.

So it took two years: our product is still brand new, but it's still going strong. Last year we launched it in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is now available all over Europe, including Lithuania.

- Who is this product for and what makes it special?

- The name HairTwo is an attempt to say that it is a hair care product created by a team of two people, a man and a woman. Both of our opinions were important, and that's why the balance was struck - it's a product for both women and men. Not only for those who suffer from various hair problems, but also for those who want to take good care of the beauty that nature has given them.

The entire hair line (shampoo, conditioner and serum) consists of 8 bioactive and 4 natural ingredients such as therapeutic dwarf palm extract, biotin, cynatin, collagen, caffeine, rosemary extract, argan and coconut oils, etc. They work synergistically, making this formula up to 84% more stimulating, strengthening, structurally improving, soft and shiny hair.

The products are completely safe - free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, TEA, DEA, PEGs and other chemicals.

- Is it possible to make a chemical-free beauty product at a reasonable price?

- In the beauty industry, it is difficult to compare a product we have developed: we would have to compare it with products that have at least a similar composition, but there are no such products with so many ingredients at the moment. On the other hand, we have certainly managed to achieve value for money: the only products that are slightly cheaper are those that contain twice as many bioactive and natural ingredients.

When we developed the HairTwo hair line, we were thinking about the quality of the ingredients, not about making the product cheaper and more profitable. We deliberately chose the circular economy rather than the cheapest way: no testing and harmful actions on flora and fauna, no plastics and only environmentally friendly packaging free of the water-polluting bisphenol A (BPA).

That's why we have chosen sustainable aluminium bottles, which also better protect the quality of the product itself from external influences and are ideal for recycling. In the future, they can be used for product refills or subscriptions. The bottles are packed in recycled cardboard boxes decorated with art therapy drawings, so that the box does not have to be thrown away, but can be used for creative and leisure activities.

- Is it easy to get people interested in this product?

- Because we were very responsible, there was a lot of fear. But it disappeared as soon as the HairTwo line was in the hands of consumers. First in Germany. The positive reactions and the growing number of fans of the line made us feel "cured", reassured and happy. It was the starting point when there was no longer any doubt that we were doing everything not only from the heart, but also in the right way.

- You combined the idea of HairTwo with parenthood and, in a sense, two children in your family. But the children are getting bigger every day, what do you plan to do next?

- We are already thinking about expanding the product line and how to address not only beauty but also well-being issues such as sleep deprivation, anxiety or blood pressure with natural means. Of course, this will take a lot of time and patience, but if we succeed, Lithuanians will be the first to know.

- Thank you for talking to me.